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Complicated - Rihanna from Loud (Deluxe Edition)

"why is everything with you so complicaaaaaaaated?

why do you make it hard to love you? oh i haaaaaatttteeeee it

'cause if you really wanna be alone i, throw my hands up 'cause baby i tried

everything with you is so complicaaaaaaaaatttttttttttteeeeeeeeeedddddd”

Never knew what a friendship was
Never knew how to really love
You can’t be what I need you to
And I don’t know why I fuck with you

I know our love will never be the same
But I can’t stand these growing pains

♥ I love love love love love love love this song… and I always will. 

"Green Eyes" by Erykah. 

Tweet - My Place
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My Place - Tweet from Southern Hummingbird

"i heat up and i can’t come down
swear i’m spinnin, i’m on a merry-go-round
and i picked up a joint to my face
my heart beats faster than a regular pace
and i’m not sure of what it is
i asked my mother to help me with it
and she said ‘daughter, you reached a jones
and that’s pre-lovin, so carry on’ 

come to my place
you know i’ll be waitin for ya
cause i really need you so
you know i’ll be waitin for ya
be on your way
you know i’ll be waitin for ya
and we can handle it real slow
you know i’ll be waitin for ya”

Frank Ocean - U Got It
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U Got It - Frank Ocean from Unreleased

just another excuse to have another Frank Ocean song on here… :) “U Got It” not featured on nostalgia, Ultra or The Lonny Breaux Collection

according to frank ocean himself via @frank_ocean… This song was originally a demo for Mario from 2008.